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You found the woman of your dreams. Against all odds you found that one person you want to spend your life with and you found the nerve to ask her the big question, hoping she desires to spend her life with you. She said yes! Now what?

If you're like a lot of men, you might think all you need to do now is nod your head in agreement to a barrage of particulars you don't necessarily have much knowledge of and perhaps even less interest in, get fitted-then pick up a tuxedo in a style and color of her choice... and make sure you are at the alter well ahead of time!

Your bride has a lot on her plate, and she needs to know that you care. Turn off the TV long enough to listen to her after a long day of shopping, talking and planning. Support her every decision, and do all that you can to make sure she is not getting stressed out. Take part in creating your personal wedding website, and hopefully, the ease of utilizing the planning tools and organizational features available at will take some of the pressure off of you!


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