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Wedding Day Beauty Tips

Here are some tips from beauty experts you may want to try. Remember, if you are making any changes from your normal make-up routine, try them a couple of times, in advance, to be sure you are creating the look you desire.

  • On your wedding day, be sure to apply powder, even if you don't normally. The photographs taken on your wedding day will pick up on the slightest traces of shine. Also choose matte foundation and eye shadows to absorb rather than reflect the light.

  • Keep in mind your wedding may be a day for tears and smudges. Use a waterproof mascara, and apply your lipstick lightly.

  • Check your make-up carefully. Make sure there are no streaky colors. Keep in mind, you may be less than calm all day. If you flush when excited or nervous, you may want to tone down the blusher you use.

  • Tone down the colors on your wedding day. Softer pinks are more attractive than the brighter reds. One hint to see if you've achieved the look you want, turn away from the mirror, then spin towards it. Whatever you see first is what will be most noticible in photographs. Is it the red lipstick? Too much mascara? Or are you perfect?

  • If you are wearing a lower neckline, remember to blend your foundation accordingly. Blend it well onto your neck.


  • After you have cleansed your skin, mist your face with mineral water before applying moisturizer. Even oily skin needs water and moisturizer!

  • Use a foundation that closely matches your skin color to achieve the most natural look. The best place to test new shades is on the side of your jaw.

  • Oily skin works best with a water-based foundation, a powder blush and a matte powder over all.

  • Women with dry skin should use creamier foundations, cream blusher and very light powder.


  • Use glosses and frosted colors in light shades to create a fuller mouth. Darker colors flatter fuller lips.

  • For a more defined mouth, outline your lips with a pencil a shade darker than the lipstick you use. It will help to keep your lipstick from smearing.


  • For puffy morning eyes, there are a few alternatives. Getting up and exercising can get your circulation moving, and may help eliminate the puffiness. (Not a bad idea for the rest of your body, either.) Or, try alternating warm and cold wash cloths on your eyes, to contract the skin. Another suggestion is to soak cotton balls in an alcohol-free liquid, and hold on your eyes.

  • Hide under-eye circles with a concealer a shade lighter and with a more yellow tone than your foundation.

  • To dramatize your eyes, you may opt for colored mascara. But it can be overpowering. Try applying a coat of black mascara, then before that dries completely, apply the colored mascara sparingly. You will achieve the desired effect, without overdoing it.

  • Use eye shadow to draw attention to your best feature, and to down-play flaws. A professional can show you the best way to apply eye shadow to achieve just the effect you desire.

  • Use neutral shades of eye shadow - you don't have to match the color of your eyes.

  • Instead of using a liquid eyeliner or a pencil, use a thin brush and eye shadow mixed with a drop of water to make it flow evenly.

Skin Care

Keeping your skin in peak condition will maintain its best appearance.

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