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Let's dance!

Your wedding is the perfect reason to learn to dance! Impress your family & friends with your first dance on your special day. You can approach the dance floor with confidence as you are introduced as husband and wife. All eyes will be on you as you flow gracefully on the dance floor to that romantic love song ending with your new husband lowering you into a spectacular grand finale dip!
Whether you are the occasional dancer or a committed social dancer, there’s no question that you’ll be pulling out all the stops for your first dance. But why should you learn to dance if you and your beloved aren’t dance inclined?

Quality time?

Planning your Rochester wedding, can be full of stressful events and it’s all too easy to get caught up in the things that need to be done. Learning to dance together can help keep you focused on each other and grant you some of that much needed fun us-time in the midst of all the planning.
Dancing is not only a great workout and a lot of fun, it can give you time out to unwind and ensure that you look and feel great for your big day. Nothing makes you look and feel more rundown than stress can. Take some us-time, relax, and have fun getting ready for your first dance together as husband and wife.

A moment for the two of you?

After all the planning is over, your wedding day is going to go by in a flurry of activities, poses, toasts and guests. Your first dance will give you that much needed moment alone together free from your family and friends demanding your attention. Since the moment will be so special, why not make it something that really means something to both of you?

Take the pressure off your first dance.

The two of you finding each other may have been fate, but your first dance need not be. It’s a moment that will be remembered on film, in pictures, and in the hearts and minds of everyone celebrating with you on your special day! You won't want to look back on that day and realize that you just stumbled back and forth for the length of a song. Being prepared will not only help you shine on the dance floor, it will also take some of the pressure off of your first dance. You won’t have to sweat it because you already know what you’re doing.

Why dance lessons when you have so much to think about?

Learning to dance for your wedding is one of the few expenses that’s actually an investment. The cake, a DJ, the flowers... all those things are finished the day of the wedding. Learning to dance together is forever. By putting aside a little time for yourselves during the wedding preparation, you’ll be able to clear your minds and focus on each other.


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