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Your wedding day will be filled with special moments to cherish forever. A Rochester area professional photographer can provide you with the pictures you will have for a lifetime.

After the cake is eaten, the flowers wilt, and the memory of the day begins to blur into hazy shadows, the lasting reminder of your wedding day will be in photos. Shopping for a wedding photographer is different than shopping for a gown, invitations or reception hall. You try on the gown, visit the reception site, and make very precise decisions about your invitation. Photography is not so simple. You won’t see what you have purchased until after the wedding.

Hire A Professional

Good professional photographers will do the best job of capturing the different emotions of the day. They know when and where to be at all times during the ceremony. They know how to set up their equipment and lighting in the most effective and efficient ways. It is advised that you start your search well in advance. The best photographers can be booked as far ahead as a year, especially during peak wedding months.


Price is usually the one obstacle that prevents many wedding clients from selecting the photographer who undoubtedly could give them the best value for the money. It makes sense to evaluate the money spent on photographs in relation to what’s being spent on the reception hall, flowers, food and music. Many people still choose to “shop for bargains” on the photography. Don’t forget: you will be sharing your memories with others through the eyes, heart and talent of your photographer. Regardless of the deal you get, if you are unhappy with the results, it wasn’t worth it. Make sure to compare both quality and price. Make sure you know exactly what is included. What is the photographer’s payment policy? Does it seem fair, and can you manage it within your budget?
The First Step: Begin with a phone call or email. Many photographers now have websites. Take a look first. In addition to the photographer’s availability, ask about the studio’s philosophy and approach toward wedding photography. Is there an emphasis on posed or unposed images? If they do both, what proportion is posed, and how much is unposed? Find out the name of the photographer who will be photographing. Get information on costs, and if you are interested in learning more, set up an appointment to see work and discuss the details.
Meet with the photographer: Do you feel comfortable with him or her? Will you enjoy having this person around on one of the most important days of your life? Look at as many examples of work as possible. If you are speaking to a studio that has more than one photographer, ask who took the photos you are looking at. You may be shown an album of photos that are highlights from various weddings. If you like these, ask if you can see an album from one couple’s wedding. Even better? Ask if you can see a proof book from one couple’s wedding. See if the photographer captures the excitement and emotion of the wedding day. Do the photos show creativity, or does every album look the same? Do the subjects look at ease with the photographer? Ask yourself how this photographer will make your wedding photographs both unique and personal.
Ask how many years the photographer has been photographing weddings, as well as how many weddings a year he or she books. What kind of educational background, and/or experience does the photographer have? What equipment will be used, and will there be plenty of back up equipment? Will there be an assistant to help out? An assistant will help the photographer work more quickly and efficiently, as well as relieve the level of stress that photographic aerobics at weddings often entail. At higher price levels, you may even find studios that send two photographers to shoot different aspects of the day. What happens if the photographer is sick or has a family emergency? Are there back up plans? It is also wise to ask for references.

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