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Choosing your Rochester area Florist

Begin looking for a florist from twelve to nine months before your wedding date, or as soon as you have decided on the style and colors of your gowns. Good florists may only accept a certain number of weddings on a given day, and may book up early. Ask friends and family for their recommendations.
Know your own particular needs. Do you have very definite ideas, or will you like anything that looks good with your colors and styles? Let the florists know how much you want to decide, and how much you leave to their good taste. Visit at least four different florists who specialize in weddings. An experienced florist should be able to design flowers to suit both your budget and the style you wish. The florist should provide all services including ordering, arranging, and delivering your flowers. The florist should be able to provide you with color photographs of different wedding arrangements. This will give you an idea of the florist’s style of arrangements. Make sure that you like their style. If you like very simple flowers, and all the photographs are of very elaborate arrangements, you may not be happy with this particular florist.
Ask what the cost of different flowers and sizes of arrangements will be. If the florist cannot give you an exact price, because the cost of flowers might change, at least get a good rough estimate, in writing if possible. Ask the florist if he or she is familiar with your ceremony or reception site, and ask for any suggestions they may have about color, or number of arrangements for those locations. Determine if the florist will consult you with every decision, or will simply show up at your wedding with flowers. Choose the florist who will suit your personality the best. Your flowers can be considered a work of art, and there must be an understanding between you and the florist as to how they will look. While at the shop, take a look around. Do all the flowers on display appear healthy and well arranged? Is the shop well cared for? Busy? The shop decor will reflect the taste of the owner.

Fresh or Silk Flowers

Both silk and fresh flowers are beautiful and popular, and are available for any budget. Keep the season of your wedding in mind when opting for fresh flowers. Seasonal flowers will be more readily available and less expensive than those out of season. Silk flowers are also popular because they come in every style and color. This makes matching any color very simple. Silk flowers also keep for a very long time after your wedding. Dried flowers can also be considered, but may be too fragile to carry, especially for children. You may also wish to combine fresh and silk flowers to create a very unique effect.

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