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My Website Manager

Share your wedding planning experience with family and friends!

Your account allows you to set up and maintain your own personal wedding website viewable only to those people you grant access. You can decide what is viewable to your visitors and keep everyone up to date with all the exciting details involved in the process of planning your Rochester dream wedding as they unfold. Post topics of discussion on your community blog page, upload photos to your photo gallery, your family and wedding party pages and set up and keep track of your expenses utilizing the My Budgeter and My Payments features. Post important dates to your personal calendar, add email reminders and choose whether or not events are displayed to your guests on the website! Set up your guest list and notify guests by email of important events or changes with a simple click, send invitations to your website, allow for RSVP's through your site and more!

Continue to use your account after the big day!

After the wedding, you can continue to update your website with photos from your wedding, honeymoon, etc. Utilize the My Gifts feature to list your gifts and manage your thank you notes. There is no expiration of your site unless it remains dormant for twelve months following your wedding date or you request it be removed!

My Info

This is the contact information you provided when you registered for your account. You may edit your contact information, should the need arise, here. Note that the bride's email address is the username for the account. This is also where you would add the links to your Facebook or Twitter accounts if you wish to have them appear on your personal wedding website.

My Wedding Profile

This is where you enter your wedding details, ceremony/reception location, date, time, etc. as well as any meal choices you may want to provide for your guests. Meal choices will appear on your website's RSVP page if you choose to allow your guests to RSVP on line. You may edit your wedding information at any time.

My Photos

Share your photos with family and friends!

Upload photos to your website's personal photo gallery to share with your visitors. Create categories and add descriptions to your photos. After the wedding, you can continue to update your website with photos from your wedding, honeymoon, etc.

My Calendar

Organize and keep track of important dates. Share special events with family and friends!

Add important dates and events to your personal calendar and choose to keep them private or share them on your personal website! You can add or edit events directly from your My Calendar feature, or you can add them right through your My Checklist and My Payment features. Add email reminders to be sent to you prior to the events to ensure that nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. It couldn't be easier!

My Checklist

Make sure no detail, small or large, gets lost or forgotten!

Create and maintain your checklist of upcoming tasks. Choose if you want to add them to your personal calendar and if you want them to be visible to your visitors on your website calendar. Add email reminders and no task will be overlooked! You can edit, delete and add checklists and tasks at any time. Mark your tasks completed and see at a glance what tasks remain to complete! Print your checklist any time you require a hard copy. For ideas of creating checklists and tasks you can refer to What to know before planning your wedding. You can also see a sample checklist here.

My Notes

Write yourself quick notes and reminders as you go!

Your notes can consist of anything you want including links to other websites. The notes are only viewable by you.

My Saved Vendors

Find the right Rochester area wedding expert for your perfect wedding!

As you go through your budgeter, checklists and tasks look no further than's participating vendors to find the right wedding expert for the perfect wedding! As you browse through the various categories, save possible vendor choices right to your My Saved Vendors list for future consideration or confirmation. Contact Rochester NY area wedding experts for further information or availability, view samples, find locations and more. Walk through your ceremony or reception site without even leaving the comfort of your home if they have set up a Vendor Showcase Virtual Tour! Export an excel spreadsheet any time you require a hard copy of your saved vendors.

My Budgeter

Stay on track and within your budget!

The My Budgeter feature will help you stay within your budget by keeping track of your expenses. Wedding categories will help organize your budget items and allow you to see just how much of your budget is being applied to the item and the category. Add items to your budget along with the total set aside for each item. At any time you may update your budget, add, edit or delete items. When you enter a payment to a vendor with the My Payments feature, the actual cost of that item will be automatically updated with the actual cost in My Budgeter, allowing you to see at a glance if you've gone over your budget in one area and need to compensate for it in another. Print or export an excel spreadsheet any time you require a hard copy of your budget. Need help getting started? You can see a sample budget here.

My Payments

Track your payments as you go, who's been paid what, who still needs to be paid!

The My Payments feature will help you keep track of your wedding vendors, their costs and the payments made to each of them. Each item you added in your My Budgeter feature is automatically added as an expense in your My Payments feature. Once you've decided on an item or service, you put the total price for the item or vendor's service, the deposit amount, second payment amount if needed, final payment and whether you paid each. The My Budgeter feature will automatically be updated with the actual cost of the item or service. You can also set due dates for each payment, have them appear in your personal calendar and set email reminders for each payment due. Print or export an excel spreadsheet any time you require a hard copy of your payments.

My Guestlist

Manage your guest list with's My Guestlist feature! Enter your guest list directly on line, or import an Excel spreadsheet if you already have your list in that format. You can also download your list as an excel spreadsheet at anytime you require a hard copy. Once you have entered your guest list you can easily invite your guests to visit your personal website with a simple email invitation, allow your guests to RSVP on line, select meal choices, participate in polls and more!

My Gifts

My Gift Registries will allow you to add/edit your gift registry information that will appear on your personal wedding website for all your friends and family to see. Add Gifts Received will allow you to choose a guest from your guest list and add any gifts received from the guest. View/Edit Gifts Received shows all the gifts you received, who they are from and helps you keep track of thank you notes that you've sent or need to send.


To send a save-the-date message to everyone on your guestlist (everyone who has an email address added) fill in a message in the message box (optional) and hit send. If you have not set a location for your wedding yet it will not be included in your email. Your wedding date, names and wedding location are taken from your wedding profile page, please be sure this information is correct before sending. You may preview your email before it is sent by clicking the preview button. When your satisfied with the results, send the email to everyone on your guest list with just one click!

My Community

Blogging, or the practice of creating an online journal, has become very popular.

Not surprisingly, engaged couples have turned to using personal wedding blogs to share information about their engagement and wedding with family and friends. Among many other things you can do with your blog, you can

  • Share information about the wedding with family and friends no matter where they are located.
  • Get feedback from family and friends about different aspects of the wedding and pre-wedding activities.
  • Create a keepsake journal of your engagement.

Keep Your Blog Interesting and Up-to-Date

  • List things you have in common
  • Describe the proposal (this can be even more fun if the bride and groom each share their side of the story)
  • Post fun things to do for out-of-towners
  • Share all of the highlights from your engagement as they happen, including the engagement party, the first dress fitting, bridesmaids luncheon, shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc.
  • Buying your first house or starting that new job? Keep family and friends up-to-date on the other things that are taking place in your lives.
  • Share information on your honeymoon plans

You can add/edit topics and postings from your control panel or directly on the community page of your website. Your web site visitors can contribute to the topics you have posted and can add new topics for discussion.

My Polls

Polls are a great way to get your friends and families opinion about your wedding details. The polls you create will appear on your personal wedding website for all of your visitors to vote on. Not only can you create polls but you also have the ability to view poll results and delete a poll so it no longer appears in your past results.


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