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A bridal registry is a system provided by retailers allowing you to suggest the items you are most in need of for your wedding gifts.

Using a registry is a great way to avoid receiving unwanted or unnecessary items, as well as reduce the probability of receiving duplicate gifts. Most systems are very easy to use and require little time to get set up. Utilizing the "My Gift Registries" with will allow you to add, edit and track your gift registry information in one convenient location! Your registry appears on your personal wedding website for all your friends and family to see. In addition, you can link directly to any third party on-line registries that you have setup, making it easy to keep track of all your gift registries in one place. Following is some advice on how to use your bridal registries successfully and make your experience an enjoyable one.

Step 1

The first step to successfully using a bridal registry is to determine what types of items you are in need of. Take stock of items that you, and your soon to be husband, currently own to make sure your not requesting items you already have. Try to think of all the types of things you will ultimately need putting together your new home. Don't overlook items such as towels, kitchen appliances, window treatments and other everyday necessities that often get overlooked.

Step 2

Once you've compiled your list you will need to decide on a store or shop that you would like to register with. Check out the bridal registries on if you don't already have one picked out. Try to stay with a larger department store because they will allow for a larger range of requests. If you are registering in the store, be sure to ask the clerk any and all questions that you have about the registration process. You want to be sure that you are completing the process correctly and also be able to explain to others how to access your registry.
You can also register online at many retailers. This is an excellent opportunity because it allows your guests to access your information online at any time.

Step 3

Offer a range of options for your wedding gift givers. Offer a well thought out price range, for example, items starting at around $20, up to $100 or so. Offer a range of products that provide options to gift givers that may not know you both very personally.

Step 4

To find a wide range of bridal registry services online, browse through the participating registries on


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