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Finding Your Rochester Area Jeweler

Browse through's participating jewelers. Ask friends and family for recommendations. If you are buying on credit, compare financing. But whoever you choose, make sure they are a trained gemologist. Check with the Better Business Bureau for consumer complaints.

Shopping Tips

  • Purchase the best quality you can afford. A smaller stone of better quality will hold its’ value better than a larger, flawed stone.
  • Compare like stones when shopping. For example, a poor quality stone at one store may be $500, and a much better quality stone of the same size may be $1,500 at another store. The first store may not be less expensive, the quality may just be different.
  • Make sure the gold you are looking at is karat gold jewelry, not electroplated. Your jeweler should be able to show you the difference.
  • Be wary of a large difference in price. Like the old adage, “You get what you pay for.”
  • Ask for their policy on returns, repairs, and service policies, as well as certification they may provide.
  • When purchasing a stone, get the store’s policies in writing.
  • Don’t buy jewelry as an investment. Buy it with the intention of making your fiance happy.
  • When you buy a stone, have the exact carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and shape on the bill of sale. Have another qualified gemologist-appraiser check the stone to be sure that it is as it was represented to you. If there is a discrepancy, take it back to where you purchased it.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Stone

Traditionally, engagement rings are solitaire diamonds. This is steadily changing. Many women prefer a stone other than a diamond for their engagement ring. The only restriction you should have in choosing a stone is the durability of the stone. Will it stand up to years of wear? Softer stones, such as pearls and opals, while beautiful, may not be the most practical choice.

Shapes of Stones

The six most popular shapes are: brilliant, oval, emerald, pear, marquis, and heart shaped.

How to Select a Diamond (The 4 C’s)

A diamond engagement ring is universally recognized as the symbol of engagement. In addition, they are valuable, and retain their value. And practically, they are hard enough to stand years of constant wear.
Cut: Although similar, this is not to be confused with shape. The cut refers to the amount and formation of facets which reflect the light. Brilliant shaped stones have the most facets, to reflect the maximum amount of light through the diamond. The better the cut, the better the diamond.
Clarity: This refers to the absence of flaws, or inclusions, in a stone. There are always minor flaws in a stone. However they should be so small as to not be visible, even through a jeweler’s loop.
Color: The most valuable diamonds have no color visible. Your jeweler can show you comparison charts for color.
Carat: Diamonds are sized by points, with a one-carat diamond equalling 100 points. Therefore, a half-carat stone, while it may not be exact, will be around 50 points.

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