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Wedding Day Beauty Tips

Here are some tips from beauty experts you may want to try. Remember, if you are making any changes from your normal make-up routine, try them a couple of times, in advance, to be sure you are creating the look you desire.

  • On your wedding day, be sure to apply powder, even if you don't normally. The photographs taken on your wedding day will pick up on the slightest traces of shine. Also choose matte foundation and eye shadows to absorb rather than reflect the light.

  • Keep in mind your wedding may be a day for tears and smudges. Use a waterproof mascara, and apply your lipstick lightly.

  • Check your make-up carefully. Make sure there are no streaky colors. Keep in mind, you may be less than calm all day. If you flush when excited or nervous, you may want to tone down the blusher you use.

  • Tone down the colors on your wedding day. Softer pinks are more attractive than the brighter reds. One hint to see if you've achieved the look you want, turn away from the mirror, then spin towards it. Whatever you see first is what will be most noticible in photographs. Is it the red lipstick? Too much mascara? Or are you perfect?

  • If you are wearing a lower neckline, remember to blend your foundation accordingly. Blend it well onto your neck.


  • After you have cleansed your skin, mist your face with mineral water before applying moisturizer. Even oily skin needs water and moisturizer!

  • Use a foundation that closely matches your skin color to achieve the most natural look. The best place to test new shades is on the side of your jaw.

  • Oily skin works best with a water-based foundation, a powder blush and a matte powder over all.

  • Women with dry skin should use creamier foundations, cream blusher and very light powder.


  • Use glosses and frosted colors in light shades to create a fuller mouth. Darker colors flatter fuller lips.

  • For a more defined mouth, outline your lips with a pencil a shade darker than the lipstick you use. It will help to keep your lipstick from smearing.


  • For puffy morning eyes, there are a few alternatives. Getting up and exercising can get your circulation moving, and may help eliminate the puffiness. (Not a bad idea for the rest of your body, either.) Or, try alternating warm and cold wash cloths on your eyes, to contract the skin. Another suggestion is to soak cotton balls in an alcohol-free liquid, and hold on your eyes.

  • Hide under-eye circles with a concealer a shade lighter and with a more yellow tone than your foundation.

  • To dramatize your eyes, you may opt for colored mascara. But it can be overpowering. Try applying a coat of black mascara, then before that dries completely, apply the colored mascara sparingly. You will achieve the desired effect, without overdoing it.

  • Use eye shadow to draw attention to your best feature, and to down-play flaws. A professional can show you the best way to apply eye shadow to achieve just the effect you desire.

  • Use neutral shades of eye shadow - you don't have to match the color of your eyes.

  • Instead of using a liquid eyeliner or a pencil, use a thin brush and eye shadow mixed with a drop of water to make it flow evenly.

Skin Care

Keeping your skin in peak condition will maintain its best appearance.


Keep your skin as clean as possible. For all but the most sensitive skin, a mask or a rough sponge will help remove dead skin, giving your face a fresh glow.


  • Apply the appropriate moisturizers at night, to keep your skin well-hydrated and ready for the next morning.

  • In the drier months, use frequent applications of mineral water and moisturizer to keep skin hydrated against the effects of heat and cold.

  • When flying, your skin can become particularly dry. Experts advise against wearing make-up. They suggest using liberal amounts of moisturizer only.


If you plan on having a facial, have it well before your wedding. Facials may cause surface eruptions as they bring oils to the surface. Electrolysis may also cause your skin to redden the first few times.


Nearly anything you do with your hair is fairly permanent, so make any changes well before (at least a few weeks) your wedding. The day before you are married is not the day to change the color of your hair.


  • If you think your hair is too dull or fine, consider coloring it. Remember, any color will be a combination of your own color and what you add. If your skin tone is pink, the ash colors will compliment you. If your skin tone is pale, look at the warmer shades.

  • If this is the first time you are using color, try to stay within a shade of your natural color. Using a slightly lighter shade or one with reddish tints will brighten your natural color.


  • Make sure your wedding day hairstyle matches your gown and headpiece. If you are wearing a very conservative suit-type gown, a very elaborate hairstyle will look out of place. Bring your headpiece to your usual hair stylist, and ask his or her opinion on which style will best suit it.

  • Don't make too radical a change for your wedding. Style your hair to suit your usual life style. If you spend little time on your hair, normally, getting a hair cut which requires a lot of daily care may prove annoying in the long run.

  • Look at your hair type in considering a new cut. A blunt cut looks good with fine or limp hair, while thicker hair works best with a layered, diagonal cut.

Hair Care

  • Give your hair a rest occasionally. Treat your hair especially nicely in the weeks before your wedding, with less use of the blower dryer, curlers, or curling iron. All of these can break down your hair. Taking an occasional break from them may give your hair a little extra bounce.

  • A do-it-yourself hot oil treatment: Heat a cup of olive oil until just warm. Apply oil and wear a plastic cap for about 20 minutes. Shampoo and rinse until oil is gone.

  • A do-it-yourself conditioner: Mix a tablespoon of honey with two egg yolks. Leave on for an hour, then shampoo and rinse.

  • While shampooing, give your scalp a gentle massage with your fingertips. This will improve the circulation to the skin on your scalp, and give your shampoo and conditioner a boost as well.

  • Always use a gentle shampoo. A harsher, drying shampoo will only cause more oil to be produced. And use conditioner only on the ends of your hair, so that the rest of your hair isn't weighed down, and retains its bounce.


You may not have thought of these, but they will be very noticeable at your wedding. Everyone will be looking at your rings, and some photos may be taken of your hands alone! So pay particular attention to them. (Your fiance should, as well!)

  • If you are trying to grow your nails for the big day, try a weekly manicure. The night before, remove all polish and rub petroleum jelly onto nails and cuticles, then wear gloves to bed. The next morning, buff with a chamois-covered buffer to bring blood to the surface and stimulate circulation, to nouirish nails.

  • For your manicure: Use a fiber wrap to strengthen nails, or a clear strengthener fortified with vitamins. Next, a color polish with nylon fibers, then a top coat to seal and protect your manicure.

  • When you file your nails, go straight across, and file from side to center, not sawing back and forth.

  • If you need more help than this, have a professional manicurist apply porcelain nail tips.

  • Choose a nail color to match your skin tone. On your wedding day, a french manicure, frosted or clear polish is the most attractive.

Hands and Feet

These will receive extra attention on your wedding day, so make an effort to make those look their best, too!

  • To heal ragged cuticles, rub in cuticle cream daily.

  • For softer hands, scrub them with a facial scrub. Rinse, then apply a thick layer of moisturizer. Wrap and let sit for ten to twenty minutes.

  • For soft feet, at bedtime, scub, then apply petroleum jelly. Put on a pair of cotton socks, and while you sleep, your feet will become softer.


Your overall health will affect your looks. The most beautiful women are those who pay close attention to their diet, and who exercise regularly.

  • Build good nutritional habits. Make it a practice to avoid foods that are hight in salt or fat, or if you must indulge, do so in moderation.

  • There will be many pre-wedding and honeymoon occasions to go off a diet. A tip to help you avoid temptation: Have a small, nutritional snack before going to a party where you know foods that are not on your diet will be served. That way you can have a little, but not fill up on them.

  • Avoid alcohol in large quantities. First, because it's chock full of calories, which your body treats as a fat. Second, because you will retain more water, which will also help make you feel heavier than normal. Choose drinks made with soda or juice, which last longer. (Although watch the soda water, it has a lot of salt.)


Exercise should be a part of your weekly, if not daily, routine. It can be as regimented as a weight-training program, an aerobics class, or simply doing exercises at home. Whatever you choose, it will not only tone your muscles, it will improve your overall body condition. Remember any exercise regimen should begin with a warm up time, then a cool down afterward. If aerobics or other set exercises don't appeal to you, play your favorite sport to stay in shape. Whatever you do, make sure you are getting a good workout! The type of clothing you wear to exercise can be as important as the workout itself. Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe. Tight clothes or nylon may cause infections, rashes, or acne. It may look good, but not be the best for you. Afterward, treat yourself to a sauna or a steam bath to relax those muscles.

Do's and Don'ts

  • For contact lens wearers: Always use a water-soluble mascara. Also, it's better to stick to hypo-allergenic eye products, even if you haven't had a problem in the past.

  • On your wedding day, carry along a small purse with make-up essentials for quick touch-ups.

  • Have your teeth cleaned during the week before your wedding so your smile will be at its brightest.

  • Stress can wear you down! Take an occasional break from your pre-wedding social whirl by taking a hot soak in the tub, relaxing every muscle in your body. Add bubble bath, your favorite perfume, or herbs. A professional massage may also do the trick!

  • Water is an essential! Doctors recommend that you drink at least 8 glasses of fluid each day. Water helps keep your body and skin hydrated and in its best condition.

  • Ease up on caffeine and alcohol. Both can dehydrate you.

  • Have your legs waxed before your wedding. Set an appointment for the week before your wedding so your legs will stay smooth through the wedding and honeymoon.

  • If you find your nails yellowing from old layers of polish, run a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide across the nail. That should help remove the stain.



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keeping your skin in peak condition will maintain its best appearance

to dramatize your eyes, you may opt for colored mascara

if you are trying to grow your nails for the big day, try a weekly manicure

for a more defined mouth, outline your lips with a pencil a shade darker than the lipstick you use

keep your skin well-hydrated

if you plan on having a facial, have it well before your wedding

your overall health will affect your looks

use a foundation that closely matches your skin color to achieve the most natural look

The most beautiful women are those who pay close attention to their diet, and who exercise regularly