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Videography at your Rochester Wedding

Many couples today use the services of a Rochester area videographer to capture every moment of their special day.

The men in your wedding party can be as distinctively dressed as the women. It only takes a little time and thought to determine which style of formalwear best suits your overall wedding style.

Why video your wedding?

Still photography is still necessary but having your wedding videotaped and put on DVD will be one of the greatest treasures you have. Videos differ from still photographs in that they can capture every nuance. They can catch every expression on your faces during your wedding. Also, your wedding day can be so busy that it becomes a blur. Video helps you recall special moments, or even see something you might have missed. Most videographers will ask guests for special interviews that can really come in handy after the fact, considering that you won’t have the time to spend with each of your guests that you would have liked to. Another great use of video is if you are married in a place that is difficult for everyone to get to. You can have a “viewing party,” and invite everyone who could not attend your wedding, and have a second “reception.”

When to Book

Like photographers, these professionals may be booked from one to two years in advance. You will want to try to reserve a videographer as soon as you have finalized arrangements with the ceremony and reception site.

Choosing a Videographer

Be sure to browse through's participating videography experts. You should select a professional who has experience videotaping weddings. As much as you like your friends and relatives, leave the videotaping to professionals. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Set up an appointment to meet the videographer, and also ask for references from former clients. If there is more than one person working in the studio, ask to have the one whose work you like the best.

What To Look For

You may want to take notes on the quality of different videographers. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Clarity of the pictures.
  • Color quality.
  • Clear sound quality.
  • Quality of the composition. Does the background detract from the picture?
  • Smooth movement of the camera.
  • Good lighting.
  • Good sense of timing.
  • Creativity.

Videos in a House of Worship

Check with your clergyperson whether video cameras are allowed inside during your ceremony. If so, are spotlights allowed if needed?


Some videographers will allow you to wear microphones during the wedding to preserve your vows.


Your videographer should be insured for any accidents which may occur due to his or her equipment.

Special Effects

In order to make your wedding videos even more personalized and interesting, many videographers can add special effects. These can be as simple as panning, zooming, or close-ups. You may also wish to have still photos, such as baby pictures of the two of you, incorporated into the tape. There are also some more involved effects. Some of these are:
Split Screens: where two different full-action images appear on the same screen.
Multiple Screens: where there are multiple images on the screen at one time.
Dissolving: where the present image dissolves into the next one.
Freeze-frame: where the video appears to be a photograph, with no action.
Skip-frame: where a series of frames skip, appearing like a strobe effect.
Digital slides: where one image slides off to one side of the screen, while another comes on from the other side.
Audio dubbing and mixing: where you replace the taped sound with another sound, such as adding a musical soundtrack.
Titling: where titles are added during filming or editing.


Ask for a list of available packages. The two things you should keep in mind most are quality and price.


Sign a contract stating exactly what services are to be performed, who is to perform them, the cost, and any other details you want to be sure are included.

Being Unobtrusive

Videotaping should be done in a subtle way so that it doesn’t interfere with anyone. You want your wedding, not the video camera, to be the focal point of the day. Be sure your videographer is sensitive to this.



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